We advise and assist leading companies in the telecommunication field in relation to all the different aspects of their activity, whether in relation to the authorizations procedure or to the infrastructures. In this sector, the firm is able to provide assistance in all its practice areas.


We assist companies in the purchase of real estates and real estate complexes; construction agreements and real estate brokering; opening of stores, mono-brand, multi-brand and corner stores, lease of branches of business and lease of departments stores; purchase, sale or leasing of stores and commercial spaces; commercial leases, business lease agreements or branches of business lease agreements, lease of departments agreements, franchising agreements, joint ventures and in general all the agreements pertaining to entrepreneurial initiatives in the commerce field.

We have gained a significant experience in the negotiation and drafting of financing agreements and real estate leasing, guarantee agreements and any other financing transaction.

Furthermore, we provide advice in solving building and city planning matters and in relation to the establishment of temporary joint ventures or of any other corporate structure or association that may be created among companies for each real estate operation.


We assist leading companies operating in the medical field, diagnostics and pharmaceutical fields, sale of the relevant products both to private and public purchasers, whit a particular focus on the public issues pertaining to the sale and supply to Hospitals. The constant evolution of technology together with the growing patents protection may have a significant relevance in the selection by the Public Contractor of the most suitable purchase procedure; our professionals have developed a strong expertise in relation to the above aspect and are able to advice public and private entities in the relevant judicial and extrajudicial issues.


We advise our clients on the tax issues related to motor vehicles’ sale by suppliers belonging to multinationals, with particular reference to the Transfer Pricing, clauses with dealers, subsidies campaigns and relationship with the Parent Company issues.


We assist our clients in relation to banking matters, providing our advice to leading companies with respect to negotiation and regulation matters and to the relationships with clients and the commercial network.

We are able to provide our assistance with respect to the obligations related to the Banking Law and relevant regulation and implementation rules and to any other aspect pertaining to the rules application related to the gathering of saving from the public, credit, including the anti-money laundering discipline. We also advice professional association in this sector.


We have developed a broad experience in the new technologies and digital field and for this reason, we provide a full assistance to leading companies in the above sectors spanning from the agreements’ negotiation and sponsorship, endorsement, testimonial, product placement, software license and development, app., e-book, multimedia works, agreements related to shows’ productions,  advertisement, programs etc… to the ordinary litigation proceedings and the procedures in front of the Competition and Market Authority and of the Authority for the Advertising Practice.

We also assist companies in solving the matters related to hacking, format and tv programs protection.

We assist our clients in relation to online copyrights and brands rights.


Companies operating in the fashion field should be able to face the peculiar needs of dynamism and creativity of the market. Thus implies not only a major adjustment capability compared to other markets but also a prompt and efficient response to the problems related to the temporariness of seasons and collections.

For the above reasons, we provide assistance and advice our clients in the negotiation and drafting of the agreements with stylists, suppliers and distributors, co-marketing agreements, corner shop, shop in shop agreements etc.., making the client aware of all the possible critical aspects of the operations.

We assist famous manufacturers in the casual, pret-a-porter, high fashion clothing industry, as well as manufacturer operating with their own brands.

We deal with all aspects related to the industrial right such as creativity and brand protection, suggesting the proper solutions in order to prevent counterfeiting.

We assist our clients also in relation to event planning and sponsorship issues.


We assist leading companies in the design field, being deeply aware of the dynamics, processes and characteristics of the industry and thus being able to offer a specialized consultancy with a particular focus on the several issues, even the most recent ones, related to the sale and communication technologies development and the markets evolution.

We provide assistance in relation to brand protection, intellectual property rights, negotiation and drafting of agreement pertaining to the design world, such as license agreements, distribution agreements, franchising agreements, sale’s concessions, supply and sub-supply agreements, design consultancy agreements, public relations agreements, advertisement and sponsorships agreements.

We support our clients in relation to the strategies for the development of the retail chain within the Italian territory and worldwide and of the online commerce, in the management and protection of the brand reputation within social media and in the web and in the search and selection of partners for the international development.


We assist sport professionals, sports’ club, agents, leagues, federations, sportswear and equipment manufacturers and investment companies in relation to: athletes performance agreements, national and international, in compliance to the rules of any  sports’ discipline; agreements pertaining to the participation and production of tv programs; agreements for athletes’ international transfers and relevant litigation procedures; image licensing agreements, sponsorships, advertisement agreements, merchandising agreements pertaining to single athletes, events, sports’ clubs,  leagues or federations; sports agency agreements; disciplinary and criminal liability for doping; arbitrations and settlements pertaining to athletes’ performance agreements; insurance coverage; tax issues, national and international; advertisement campaigns, radio, web, tv; competitions; license for the broadcasting of sports events; audiovisual productions; audiovisual rights distribution.